Hyperloop One Transport: Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 12 Minutes

A new transportation system that will allow people reach their destinations at a shorter travel time is being set. A teaser video showing a 12-minute transport from Abu Dhabi and Dubai is ground-breaking and it’s going to be set here in the UAE!

The Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed and Crown Prince of Dubai Sheikh Hamdan are in a meeting with two high-profile officials are on a meeting about the Hyperloop transportation.

Hyperloop One (Dubai) bringing their new transport system that trasnsforms the way people commute in the UAE. They have uploaded a video on YouTube to fascinate us with the new technology brought in Dubai.

Video Teasers by Hyperloop One

Within the video says: “It begins… November 8… UAE”

The team that started this program is set to build the fastest transit system that looked like capsules and can move inside the vacuum tunnels at a speed of 1200 km/h.

The video clip shows the project of Hyperloop One; and it takes 12 minutes to travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi; 23 minutes travel time from Dubai to Doha; Dubai to Muscat takes 27 minutes and Dubai to Riyadh will take 48 minutes.

Here’s another video showing the transport system of Hyperloop One.

In collaboration with Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), more information about the project are expected to be announced soon.

The Hyperloop team also displays a graph in their Instagram account showing different modes of transportation and the travel time.


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