Why is Abu Dhabi a Good Alternative to Dubai for Overseas Pinoy Workers?

Dubai is one of the famous places in the United Arab Emirates because of the magnificent structures and architectural wonders that you can see all over this emirate. This is also famous for many OFW’s that seeks greener pastures outside the Philippines. But do you know that there is an emerging place that is considered as a good alternative to Dubai? It’s no other than Abu Dhabi which is just 90 minutes away from Dubai and is also in the UAE.

Today, we will discover the reasons why Abu Dhabi is a good alternative for OFWs that are looking to work in the Middle East.

abu dhabi UAE

1. FOOD – no one can live without food right? And that’s a lot truer to OFWs that work hard to support their families in the Philippines. Compared to Dubai, Abu Dhabi’s costs of food is far more affordable. But of course, it is most economical if you just cook at home or where you are staying rather than eat at restaurants outside. But there are times that you must eat outside once in a while just to treat yourself for a job well done and if you are with your co-workers to have some fun. In Abu Dhabi, anyone can dine out with just a meager 15 DHs and that is just around 4 USD.

2. TRANSPORTATION – in Dubai, room accommodations are cheaper compared to Abu Dhabi, but transportation there could really put a hole in your pocket. In Abu Dhabi, it is much cheaper when it comes to transportation. This is particularly useful if your place of work is far from your rented house or apartment. For example, a cab ride in Abu Dhabi from one end of the city to the other end can cost you around 1.50USD or even less. If you want other means of transportation, you can also ride air-conditioned buses which can only cost you 10USD, and that can take as far as Dubai. There are also car rentals if you want but that will be more expensive and the price depends on the car rental company.

3. OPPORTUNITIES – currently, Dubai is offering more working opportunities to OFWs. But since Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and that it is expected to catch up with the development of Dubai is a good sign that it will open up more opportunities for other aspiring OFWs.

So there you have it, the reasons why Abu Dhabi is a good alternative to Dubai for OFWs that are considered as the modern day heroes of the Philippines. If you are planning to go to Abu Dhabi for work, just make sure that you  go through the proper channels and processes to make your employment legal. Having the proper work documents help secure your job while being employed as an expat in a foreign country.