Plans of Touring Abu Dhabi

We’re planning to head to Abu Dhabi one of these days in order to tour the Grand Mosque. Since we don’t have much budget for sight-seeing or checking out the theme parks, we’re planning to just visit the cheaper places in this Emirate city.

Besides, the Grand mosque is already a visual treat. I’ve seen plenty of photos posted online and it really shows the beauty of this location which is open for tourists to learn more about Islam and the Muslim culture.

emirates palace abu dhabi

Question now is when we will be travelling to Abu Dhabi from Dubai. Surely, it will be within the month. I’m excited and I’m hoping that my camera will be fixed by then. I also know a couple of people there so I’m looking forward to meeting fellow Pinoys in Abu Dhabi to also talk about life as an OFW in this desert region. It’s only a few hours of travel so it won’t be that difficult to go on a bus and head to see this other side of the UAE.