Pinoys in Abu Dhabi

There are plenty of Filipinos who travel to the United Arab Emirates to seek employment for a better salary and for a better life abroad. These people are looking for work for various reasons, but all seem to have the same goal of gaining experience and financial gain to send to their families back home in the Philippines.

Pinoy Job Alternative to Dubai

In the UAE, Dubai seems to be the top choice of Filipino Expats because of the great developments that this Emirate city has accomplished in a short span of time. Abu Dhabi though, has shown to be a good alternative to the busy life in Dubai.

marina mall abu dhabi

inside Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi

Dubai to Abu Dhabi Drive

Given that the distance between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is just a 2-hour bus ride, those who have more flexibility choose to explore Abu Dhabi as their next home destination. Besides, this Emirate is not also a city rich in resources.

Abu Dhabi: Capital Emirate

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and is actually the largest emirate by area. This means that there’s so much room for growth and if you plan to stay here within the next five years, who knows what’s bound to happen then.

OFWs in Abu Dhabi are also aplenty, so are the jobs. It’s time for us kabayans to seek employment that will get us far in life.