Parks in Al Ain City

Al Ain is the greenest part of the UAE. In case you are looking for some parks and gardens, there are a few that the city offers. Here’s a list of public parks and gardens available.


Al Ain Ladies Park (Basra Park)

This garden is a quiet place but is only intended for women and children only (boys under 10 years of age). There are many benches available to sit down and enjoy te scenery. Swings, slide and other play areas are also there for children to have fun. There is also a dried up riverbed (dry wadi) that is crossed by bridges made of wood, and a mini snack are for some refreshments.

Al Ain Public Garden

Address:  Zayed Bin Sultan Street
Al Ain Public Garden is the main park in the city of Al Ain. A peaceful place away from the busy city, there are pathways set up under trees and a play area for children to have some fun. There is also a n amusement center for older kids.

Children’s Garden

This Children’s Garden is located in Al Ain Zoo and it offers a fun and informative place for children to learn about biodiversity as it showcases the beauty of the plants. There’s a fower garden, play areas, picnic spots, vegetable and fruit garden, and baobab trees surround the area.

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