7 Tips When Applying for a Hotel Job in Abu Dhabi

The hotel industry in Abu Dhabi is one of the booming industries in the UAE. With lucrative job opportunities as a proof to this testament, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that finding hospitality jobs in Abu Dhabi is something that thousands of people across the globe are not just willing but eager to do.

Expats make for the majority of the staff that is employed in various hotels of Abu Dhabi. This gives you an idea about the demand for employment in these hotels and luxury resorts. There are also various positions in different departments so make sure to find one that matches your skill-set.


Tips When Searching for Your Dream Hospitality Job in Abu Dhabi

If you are attracted to the idea of working in the bustling hospitality industry of this fast-growing Middle Eastern Emirate, follow these tips to land your dream hospitality job:

1. Build a job search strategy
Developing a focused job search strategy is an essential step towards successfully landing a job. It helps you stay on the right track. Take a notebook and pen down a proper plan for initiating your job search process. Your strategy should involve key steps such as analyzing the type of job roles you want to apply for, hotels that are currently hiring and their locations. Keep a daily target of searching and applying for relevant jobs to increase your chances of finding employment quickly.

2. Customize your CV
CV plays a vital role in the job search and customizing your CV is one of the most important tips. Whether a candidate is shortlisted for an interview or not depends on his / her CV. Most people have a bad habit of using a standard CV for every job they wish to apply for. That’s a wrong practice. Read the job details carefully and match its requirements with the skills mentioned in your CV. Next, alter your CV to include the skills required by the employer. Adopt this practice for every job you apply for and soon you will start seeing the results.

3. Build your network
Whether you are looking for a job abroad or in your homeland, nothing works better than networking. Connect with your old friends, family member and relatives. Chances are that you might find someone working in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the Middle East. Ask them to give you job leads and information about the place and its culture. If you don’t find anybody from your circle working in the Middle East, join online communities to build your network.

4. Learn Arabic
Although employers prefer hiring someone who knows English well, yet having a basic knowledge of Arabic will certainly maximize your chances at landing a job. Additionally, moving to a new country will involve not just working, but also meeting and interacting with people of a different culture both inside and outside of work. Therefore, knowing Arabic will help you connect with people and make friends quickly.

5. Prepare for your job interview thoroughly
Since you have applied for a job from a different country, chances are that your initial round of interview will be taken using a non-personal medium like telephone or video conferencing. Check your phone lines or internet connection to avoid any mishaps at the last minute. Practice mock interview questions, research about the hotel well and stay confident.

6. Follow-up regularly
At the end of your interview, ask the employer by when they will get back to you. Make sure to follow-up if they don’t give any response by that time. Employers interview a lot of candidates for a position and at times they miss out on sending a response to shortlisted candidates. Send a follow-up email or give your hiring manager a phone call to enquire about the status of your candidature.

7. Be patient
Sometimes getting a job takes time when you are searching the one in your own country. Naturally, it will take even more time to find a job abroad. Don’t panic. Eventually, you will see success in finding your first job in Abu Dhabi. Some people also tend to worry about the culture shock they will have to face when moving to a new country. Have an open mind and embracing a new culture will come easily to you. Focus on your ultimate goal and remember that every experience you gain will enrich your life and prepare you for a great career ahead.


Usually when you work in a hotel in the UAE, you are given benefits like free accommodation, free food, and free transportation. Many expats find these a lucrative factor as this helps in managing your savings and expenses more effectively. Also, although not included, tips are generous in this side of the region. Let the above-mentioned tips act as a guide to help you in search for work opportunities in hotels. Good luck!

About the Author: Megha Raizada
Megha Raizada is a professional writer working with the premium job portal Naukrigulf.com. She has a keen interest in the global job market, but also loves to keep a track of everything interesting happening around the globe. You can reach her at Twitter and Google+.

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