How to Replace Lost or Damaged Philippine Passport in Abu Dhabi

Whether you are in Abu Dhabi for a short visit, or if you are planning to work here in the long run, it’s important to have your travel documents — such as your passport — safe and secure at all times. But what happens if your passport gets lost, stolen, or damaged?

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If you are a Filipino in Abu Dhabi whose passport unexpectedly got lost or damaged, don’t worry because there are steps you can take to have it replaced. Keep on reading to know how!

How to Replace Lost or Damaged Philippine Passport in Abu Dhabi

Guide to Replacing Your Lost or Damaged Philippine Passport

If your passport gets lost or stolen, the first step is to report to the nearest police station. Here, you will need to fill out a “Lost Passport Report” form and submit two recent passport-sized photographs. If you have a photocopy of your lost passport, you can submit that, as well.

Take note that the report will also have to be coordinated with the UAE Immigration Office and the Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters.

Once you have your report, you can set an appointment with the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi to have it replaced. Here, you will find that the process for replacing a lost or damaged Philippine passport is quite similar to getting a passport renewed.


To have your passport replaced, be sure to prepare the following requirements.

For damaged/mutilated ePassport:

  • Accomplished ePassport Application Form
  • Affidavit of Destruction/Mutilation filed at the Embassy
  • Passport fee of AED 240

For lost ePassport:

  • Accomplished ePassport Application Form
  • Original and photocopy of Report of Loss from UAE Immigration Office, duly stamped by Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (with English translation)
  • Photocopy of lost passport (if any)
  • Original and photocopy of Birth Certificate issued by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and duly authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) in Manila
  • Affidavit of Loss filed at the Embassy
  • Passport fee of AED 600 for lost ePassport
  • Passport fee of AED 360 for lost MRRPs (green passports) and MRPs (maroon passports)

NOTE: A married woman who uses her spouse’s last name should also submit the original and photocopy of her Marriage Certificate issued by PSA and duly authenticated by DFA Manila.

How to Replace Lost or Damaged Philippine Passport in Abu Dhabi
Image Credit: Philippine Embassy in UAE Facebook Page


Once you have gathered all the above documents, follow these steps:

  1. Set an appointment through and go personally to the Embassy on the scheduled date.
  2. At the Embassy, obtain a priority number from the officer at the Consular Section entrance and wait for your turn.
  3. Go to the processing or encoding section to have your details and photograph taken.
  4. You will be given a printout of your passport application. Check the information for any errors or typos before signing the sheet.
  5. Pay the passport processing fee at the cashier. You will receive a stub indicating the date when you can claim your new passport. Passport processing could take 30 to 60 days.
  6. To get your new passport, bring your claim stub and your old passport for cancellation. Passports are released between 3 pm and 5 pm on the scheduled date.

Additional Information:

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DISCLAIMER: The above guide is presented for information-sharing purposes only. The requirements and procedure may change, so to know more about replacing your lost or damaged passport, please visit the official websites of the Philippine Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the UAE Government Portal.