Growth of Healthcare in Abu Dhabi Moving Rapidly

Abu Dhabi is one such emirate in the cluster of seven such well-woven ones that has never failed to entice people from a broad spectrum of social backgrounds, in different corners of the world. Capital of the exotic Arab land the UAE, this emirate is also the home to the second most populous city in the country.

An emirate blooming with a plethora of opportunities under its umbrella, there’s not much that hasn’t been said about the perks of being here, already!

abu dhabi healthcare industry

Right from every amenity to the disposal of the citizens, to an environment best suited for a public inclusive growth, you’ll find every possible reason vouching for a professional life here. One such reason is the proliferating healthcare in Abu Dhabi. An industry not only serving the mob, but offering lucrative employment options to professionals from around the world as well!

The section will talk about the growth that’s been witnessed in the sector, of late. Drop a good glance and gain a clear insight regarding the same.

The Present Picture

As clearly mentioned by the law, all UAE nationals as well the expat residents receive an efficient health insurance through their employer or the sponsor. To state clearly, the government bears most of the healthcare cost of the employees, once you’re working or living in the emirate.

There’re a wide range of healthcare facilities opening their doors, throughout Abu Dhabi. Right from 24/7 integrated services, to walk-in clinics and public hospitals collaborating with such centers, there’s much you can find in terms of an efficient healthcare system in Abu Dhabi.

Plus, there also are different kinds of medical facilities available in the country. Ambulatory Care Clinics is one such thing to notice. Each patient is allowed to visit these facilities without any appointment. Having a comprehensive network of such clinics, the residents receive all the specialist care they need, during midnight hours even!

Since 2009, ample family medicine clinics have also been incepted out of primary healthcare facilities. Providing a set of trained healthcare professionals and the latest equipment, it also gives various expats to get treated by their family physicians as well.

In addition to all these, Abu Dhabi has also been successful in establishing an all-women’s hospital that caters to mother and child care. First of its kind in the region, Brightpoint Royal Women’s hospital has women working on more than 90% of its medical and support staff roles.

Health Education Awareness Relaunched

One of the region’s leading insurance companies, Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company has relaunched the Health Education Awareness Program (HEAP). An educational initiative that aims at raising awareness about health issues prevalent in the emirate, hence equipping each citizen with tools to be preventive and safe.

The ADNIC HEAP team looks forward to organize a number of educational symposiums, which’ll be led by a number of healthcare experts in the country. Since the program launch, it has received an impeccably warm response from both locals as well as expats in the emirate.

Big Spending From Healthcare IT too!

With more and more number of expats knocking the doors of the Emirati healthcare, the healthcare technology sphere not just in Abu Dhabi, but throughout the UAE is all set to witness a massive boom. A reputable source pegs the size of spending to hit the notch of Dh 40 billion by 2015. The health Authority in Abu Dubai will be the ones to withdraw the major chunk from the same. The market trends across emirates like Abu Dhabi, especially in the IT sector are expected to go for an all-time high during the year, hence clearly indicating a golden-period to be witnessed ahead!

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