Emirates ID, Covid-19 Certificate Required to Enter Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi Police through their official Twitter page urged those who are traveling to the capital to observe health measures and submit entry requirements at security points when entering Abu Dhabi.

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As the UAE is positioned to fully reopen its economy amid a series of vaccine trials held by several companies and governments all around the world, authorities are trying to organize daily activities such as the flow of traffic across several security points in the city. 

Emirates ID, Covid-19 Certificate Required to Enter Abu Dhabi
Credits: WAM

Present Emirates ID, Covid-19 Certificates to Enter Abu Dhabi

The reminder came as the Abu Dhabi Police aims to ease the traffic condition at security points in the emirate. 

In line with this, the Abu Dhabi Police reiterated that all travelers are entering the emirate are required to show their Emirates ID and Covid clearance certificates. Moreover, standard Covid-19 safety measures must also be observed, which include social distancing and proper wearing of masks. Also, authorities reminded travelers that the maximum number of passengers in a vehicle is three, including the driver.  

Moreover, drivers are reminded to follow appropriate lanes at the security checkpoints. In line with this, authorities noted that several color-coded signboards have been set in place to serve as a guide for different kinds of vehicles – red for emergency vehicles, blue for heavy vehicles, and green for vehicles that have been permitted to enter the emirate. 

And finally, the Abu Dhabi police urged residents to abide by the country’s general precautionary measures against the spread of Covid-19 in the emirate. They emphasized the role of residents in curbing the spread of the ongoing outbreak by adhering to health and safety measures and helping the government spread awareness and prevent cases of mass convergence through which cases are expected to increase by leaps and bounds, especially at a time when most countries that have earlier declared overcoming the spread of the virus, are showing signs of a marked increase in their infection as well as death rates. 

This is to emphasize that the battle against Covid-19 is far from over. That said, everyone needs to do their part and to focus on what they can do to contribute and not make the present situation much worse for everyone else. 

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