How to Use Ferry Services in Abu Dhabi

Among the many places to visit in Abu Dhabi is Delma, a beautiful island situated in the Persian Gulf. It lies about 42 kilometres or 26 miles off the coast of mainland Abu Dhabi.

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Delma Island is home to about 10,000 inhabitants. It also features more than 20 archaeological sites, some of which go back to the Neolithic Period or Late Stone Age. You can reach the island via the Delma Airport, or by taking the ferry from the mainland.

How to Use Ferry Services in Abu Dhabi
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Guide to Riding the Ferry to Delma Island

According to Abu Dhabi’s Department of Transport, there are two passenger and vehicle ferries going to and from Delma Island. Both ferries travel between Jabal Al Dhanna (Mugharraq) and Delma Island Port several times daily. Hence, it is possible to visit the island and return to the mainland within just one day.

Fares & Ticket Fees
The fares and ticket fees for taking the ferry are as follows:

  • AED 20 – Passengers 12 years old and above
  • Free – Passengers below 12 years old
  • AED 100 – One vehicle

Required Documents
Before riding the ferry, be sure to have the following documents with you:

  • Valid ID (e.g. Emirates ID, driving license, passport, or any official and valid ID)
  • Vehicle Registration Card (for those who plan to take their vehicles aboard the ferry)

Ferry Schedule
The days and timings for the ferries are as follows:

Mugharraq Port to Delma Island Port

  • Saturday to Thursday – Trip No. 1 (9am – 10:45am) / No. 2 (1:30pm – 3:15pm) / No. 3 (6pm – 7:45pm)
  • Friday – Trip No. 1 (10am – 11:45am) / No. 2 (6pm – 7:45pm)

Delma Island Port to Mugharraq Port

  • Saturday to Thursday – Trip No. 1 (6am – 7:45am) / No. 2 (11:15pm – 1pm) / No. 3 (3:45pm – 5:30pm)
  • Friday – Trip No. 1 (7am – 8:45am) / No. 2 (3:45pm – 5:30pm)
How to Use Ferry Services in Abu Dhabi
Image Credit: DOT Abu Dhabi Website

Additional Information

  • Make sure that you arrive at the port at least fifteen (15) minutes before departure time.
  • The ferry schedule may change depending on weather conditions. To be certain, contact +971 2 6667776 before taking a trip.

For more information about taking the ferry to Delma Island, check out the Ferry Service Leaflet, which contains important rules and regulations about the ferry service.

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Delma Island is just one of the many exciting places that you can visit in Abu Dhabi. Meanwhile, if you want to travel around the mainland, you can do so via public bus transport, which is a quick and comfortable way to see the sights and sounds of the capital.

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