Abu Dhabi Airport Introduces Biometric Data instead of Passport

A tech company in Abu Dhabi is working on making the airport experience more convenient and contactless for passengers.

According to Next50, the company’s Smart Path project will eventually allow passengers to use biometric data instead of paper documents when boarding a plane.

Abu Dhabi Airport Introduces the First Step of Using Passengers' Faces as Passports
Credits: Abu Dhabi Airport

Abu Dhabi Airport to Employ Biometric Data in Lieu of Passports and Boarding Passes

The project, which is currently in its early stages, is being carried out in partnership with a French security firm and an aviation IT company, as reported by The National News.

Next50’s biometric technology will initially be used at various ‘touchpoints’ in the airport.

These include self-service boarding gates, immigration gates, and baggage counters.

Eventually, the technology will also be used in other airport areas, eliminating the need for people to exchange their passports and boarding passes.

In the Abu Dhabi airport, biometric data is currently being used at e-gates, though the passengers still need to present their passports.

Next50’s CEO Ibrahim Al Mannaee noted that the company is working with the airport to implement the technology as part of the UAE capital’s digital transformation efforts.

Implementing the technology will allow the airport to become the first airport in the region to implement biometric solutions across multiple touchpoints, contributing to its vision to become an industry leader in technology-driven airports.

He noted that the company works with the airport and its partners to implement the technology. He said the company’s partnership with Idemia and its subsidiary, Sita, will allow them to achieve their goals.

By implementing the technology, the airport will be able to reduce wait times and improve the experience of its passengers.

The rapid pace of these initiatives was attributed to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Companies started looking into contactless alternatives to their daily tasks.

According to Hani El Assaad, the president of Sita, the future of airports will be based on technology that enables seamless and safe travel.

The latest deployment of the technology by the airport showcases Smart Path’s capabilities, allowing passengers to enjoy a more fluid journey.

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