ETravel.GOV.PH Registration for Those Travelling to Philippines

In one of the recent updates from the Philippine government, eTravel registration has been mandatory for all foreign travelers who will be coming to the Philippines. The government is implementing this new regulation to ensure that all tourists are safe in the country.

UPDATE: The previous One Health Pass Registration procedure is no longer done when arriving in the Philippines. All travellers must go through the new system which is the eTravel Registration Pass.

In this post, we will look at what the eTravel registration is, what it means for returning Filipinos and foreign travelers to the Philippines, and how you can register for it. Keep on reading to learn more!

E-Travel Registration for Traveling in the Philippines
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What is eTravel Registration?

The eArrival card served as a platform for online health declarations and contact tracing, allowing foreign tourists to transit from their place of origin to their destination’s Local Government Unit (LGU) in the Philippines.

The goal of eTravel registration will be similar to that of the eArrival card, but it will require less information, be easier to complete, and have an easy user interface. The prior eArrival card registration website will be accessible and accepted during a temporary transition period.

On December 1, 2022, the Philippine government replaced the eArrival card with a new e-Travel registration. That being said, the One Health Pass Website will be closed off to public access beginning December 5, 2022.

The BOQ’s Health Declaration checklist is available on the platform. It also has an electronic version of the arrival card, which is required for immigration clearance.

Beginning December 2, all inbound travelers to the Philippines must register for the country’s new e-travel system to gain entry into the country.

This new e-travel system is a mandatory requirement for all travelers to ensure safety and to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Those who fail to register in advance will be subject to quarantine restrictions upon arrival.

Furthermore, the Bureau of Immigration will no longer accept the paper version of the Arrival Card downloaded via the One Health Pass Website. International travelers must have the electronic edition of the Arrival Card found in the eTravel platform.


Travelers must be informed of the various entrance processes for the Philippines, according to IATF Resolution No. 2. These are the admission requirements for visitors entering the Philippines. This information came from

A. FULLY VACCINATED (Filipino and Foreign Travelers)

No pre-departure COVID-19 test required – You must have had the second dose of a two-dose series or a single dose of COVID-19 vaccination at least fourteen (14) days before departure from your country of origin/port of embarkation.

B. UNVACCINATED or PARTIALLY VACCINATED (Filipino and Foreign Travelers)

1. Travelers aged 15 and up must present a remotely supervised/laboratory-based Rapid Antigen Test administered and certified by a healthcare professional in a healthcare facility, laboratory, clinic, or other similar establishment within 24 hours of departure from the country of origin/first port of embarkation, excluding layovers.

2. Adults (15 and over) who fail a pre-departure test must submit to a laboratory-based Antigen Test ON ARRIVING AT THE AIRPORT.

3. Children under the age of 15 who are not vaccinated must meet their parents’ or guardians’ criteria. They must also follow the previously given recommendations.

NOTE: Any inbound visitor who tests positive for COVID-19 utilizing a rapid antigen test, whether Filipino or foreigner, will be subject to the most recent DOH quarantine and isolation protocols.


Anyone traveling to the Philippines must utilize this system to gain entry into the country. The requirements vary based on the age group they are categorized under, as outlined above.


Travelers, including babies and children, must register for eTravel at least 72 hours before leaving for the Philippines. Prior to boarding an airplane, you must also register. Here’s how to join:

1. Visit the eTravel’s website. Remember that the system is completely free and has no registration cost.

2. Fill up your Personal Profile, which contains your passport number and occupation.

3. Please specify your mailing address.

4. Fill out the Health Declaration, which includes information about your COVID-19 vaccines.

5. Please review and submit your information summary.

QR Codes

A QR Code will be generated once all requirements have been met. Before exiting the page, take a snapshot of the code, as it will be scanned upon boarding and arrival in the Philippines.

The eTravel system will generate a GREEN QR Code if your submission of the required information and attachments is complete and complies with the IATF’s most recent entry regulations.

If you do not meet the conditions, you will be given a RED QR Code upon arrival at the airport. A BOQ representative will next determine if RT-PCR or quarantine testing is required.

IMPORTANT: Remember that you cannot use the same code twice. You must register and generate a new QR Code for your forthcoming trip.


If you want a quick method to stay up to date on the latest e-travel registration procedures, check out this new video about the updated e-travel registration procedure.

This video will answer some of your most important procedural problems, giving you the skills and knowledge to travel without stress.

Frequently Asked Questions

The eArrival system will be replaced with a new website that includes a health declaration checklist in accordance with the IATF directive. Once the new link is operational, the public will be notified. In the meantime, the following are some frequently asked questions about the eTravel registration system:

1. What is the purpose of the eTravel platform?

The eTravel platform enables overseas tourists in the Philippines to quickly and securely declare their health information and contact information. The government must also maintain a database of all individuals entering the nation who have been diagnosed with a certain condition.

All foreign and domestic travellers, including children and newborns, must register on the eTravel website before going to the Philippines.

2. What are the Entry Requirements in the Philippines?

To travel to the Philippines, you must first register with eTravel and produce proof of registration at the airport.

According to IATF Resolution 168, from May 30, 2022, all international tourists seeking to enter the Philippines would no longer be required to undergo facility-based quarantine and will only be required to produce a negative test result under certain conditions.

3. Why do I need to register to the eTravel?

All inbound tourists to the Philippines will be required to authenticate their details using the e-Travel registration system beginning September 1, 2021. This is the situation, according to IATF Resolution 135.

4. Do I need to download an App to use eTravel?

No, you only need a web-capable device, the eTravel platform is mobile-friendly and web-based. It can be seen on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. It can be accessed via a mobile-friendly web browser.

5. Can I register a few days before the flight (before I travel)?

You can only sign up for eTravel three days before your trip to the Philippines. Those who have already submitted their registration documents must show it at the airport. Furthermore, their most current medical condition must be revealed within 72 hours of boarding the plane.

6. Is all information asked in the eTravel relevant to Health Declaration Checklist requirement?

Some of the questions added to the system are designed to help authorities determine which group you fall into based on IATF criteria. This will allow you to easily navigate the many categories and gain assistance from the health border officials.

7. I lost the screenshot of my personal QR Code, what do I do?

You can view your QR Code and other personal information by logging on to the eTravel website. To do so, go to the website’s homepage and click on the “My Profile” option. You can also submit personal information such as your birth date and reference number.

8. I made a mistake. Can I still edit my information after I have successfully registered?

If you have not been validated, processed, and tagged by the border health authorities as you were when you entered eTravel, you can still modify part of your information in the “Open My Profile” portion of the website.

Due to the quarantine officer’s stringent regulations, you cannot modify the data you have collected since your arrival. Your collected information includes your arrival date, address, and other personal details.

Final Thoughts

If you’re planning to travel to the Philippines, this etravel registration guide is for you. It’s important that you understand the requirements and process of entering the country so that your trip will be smooth sailing.

With the new eTravel platform, ensuring your travel safety and security has never been easier. The new system is also more convenient for travelers, as you can now register on the eTravel website anywhere as long as you have internet connection. This will save you time and effort, so make sure to check out the new website and learn more about the Philippines’ entry requirements. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section below!

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