Ramadan Work Hours for Government Employees – 9am to 2pm

In a circular issued by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAGHR), the work hours during Ramadan will start from 9am and end at 2pm.

The working hours for public employees is in accordance to Circular No. 17 of 2016, WAM news agency reported. This gives federal employees a work shift of 5 hours per day.

ramadan abu dhabi work hours

Ramadan 2016 Work Timings for UAE Government Employees

Ramadan is expected to start on June 6, but the actual date will still depend on the sighting of the moon.

As for the private sector, no circular on work timings has been announced. However, be advised that for UAE-registered companies, as per Ministry of Labour, work hours is to be reduced by 2 hours/day. For employees working in freezones, it is advised to contact the freezone authorities where your company is registered.

Source: WAM – http://www.wam.ae/en/news/emirates/1395295768940.html