Filipina Arrested for Torturing Child to Get Even with Ex-Husband

Cases of abuse, especially of children, are taken very seriously in the UAE. Recently, Abu Dhabi Police have arrested a woman for torturing her own child and even recording the abuse in a video, which went viral on social media.

The woman was reported to be a Filipina who had gotten divorced from her Emirati husband, and is now married to another man (also an Emirati). Apparently, the woman hurt her own daughter because of a family dispute between her and her ex-husband.

Police Arrest Mother for Hurting Child Over Family Dispute

Citing a report from the local media, Gulf Today shared that the woman filmed the torture herself, and posted the videos on social media. She was seeking revenge on her ex-husband, as they were involved in a family dispute.

The video, which went viral on social media, was met with strong reactions from Netizens, who condemned the abuse. In one clip, the woman was dragging the girl by her legs, across the floor and down the stairs.

“You are an Arab, must use violence with you,” the woman could be heard saying in Arabic. “Go to the toilet.” The little girl was crying.

In another clip, the girl was crying and screaming. She appeared to be bruised and was not wearing her innerwear.

After seeing the videos, the woman’s ex-husband filed a complaint with Abu Dhabi Police. The abused child was identified and the clips were traced to the woman, who was arrested and referred to the Abu Dhabi Family Prosecutor’s Office for necessary action.

In a statement, Abu Dhabi Police said that they will not tolerate anyone who abuses or mistreats children. They will take strict action and all the necessary measures against perpetrators of violence against children, in accordance with UAE law.

In the UAE, Federal Law No. 3 of 2016 or Wadeema’s Law has been enacted to guarantee children’s rights, from the moment they are born until they reach the age of puberty.

More About Wadeema’s Law

Based on information from the UAE Government Portal, Wadeema’s Law states that all children up to the age of 18 years old must be provided with the following:

  • Appropriate living standards;
  • Access to health services and education; and
  • Equal opportunities in essential services and facilities, without any kind of discrimination.

Moreover, the law protects children against all forms of negligence, exploitation, and abuse (including physical and psychological abuse). It also prohibits smoking in public vehicles, private vehicles, and indoor facilities where there are children.

Anyone who is found to neglect, abandon, and put children in danger (e.g. not registering them upon birth or enrolling them in school) will be subject to a fine, jail term, or both.

In cases of imminent danger, the law allows childcare specialists to take children from their homes, even without permission from parents. In less severe cases, specialists may provide social services, visit the child regularly, and mediate a solution between children and family.

It is truly dismaying to hear about a mother hurting her own child, for any reason at all! Let us remember that children are innocent and vulnerable, so let us uphold their rights. If you encounter any cases of child abuse or exploitation, do not hesitate to contact these emergency numbers and hotlines in Abu Dhabi.