Masdar City Sets New Guinness World Record in Abu Dhabi

The flagship innovative and sustainable urban development of Abu Dhabi — Masdar City — has recently set a new Guinness World Record for building the “world’s largest mosaic made from recycled materials.” Yay!

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Set ahead of this year’s Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW 2020), the mosaic urges the people of the UAE — citizens, residents, and visitors alike — to be more responsible for their impact on the environment, as well as to reduce, reuse, and recycle their waste materials.

Masdar City Sets New Guinness World Record in Abu Dhabi
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World’s Largest “Recycled Materials” Mosaic Made in Abu Dhabi

During a special ceremony held on 8th January 2020, Guinness World Records representatives presented the official record certificate to Masdar City, WAM News Agency reported. The event was attended by UAE government officials and Masdar City executives.

“As a pioneer in sustainable urban community development, Masdar City will continue to lead in promoting best practice in waste management,” declared Yousef Baselaib, Executive Director for Sustainable Real Estate at Masdar.

“This wonderful mosaic makes the sustainability debate more tangible and accessible through the universal medium of art, and demonstrates the commitment of the people of the UAE to protecting the environment,” he explained. “Sustainability requires everyone to play their part and engaging the local community is an essential element of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.”

Masdar City Sets New Guinness World Record in Abu Dhabi
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Here are some amazing facts about the new world record, which can be viewed from the observation deck at Masdar City:

  • The mosaic measures 1,015 square metres (or roughly the size of two basketball courts)!
  • It contains 90,500 recycled items, such as cans, cardboard, and plastic bottles.
  • It features the evolution of the UAE as well as major landmarks from all 7 emirates.
  • Members of the local and wider Abu Dhabi community (Masdar City employees, tenants, residents, and students) participated in the project, which took one month to complete.

Check out this video featuring the world’s largest mosaic made from recycled materials, as shared on YouTube by WAM News Agency:

Masdar City will present its clean energy and sustainable real estate projects at the World Future Energy Summit, one of the main events at ADSW 2020. The event, one of the world’s largest sustainability gatherings, will be held from 11th to 18th January 2020 in Abu Dhabi.

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Indeed, Masdar City’s world record is a stark reminder about the importance of caring for the environment. Let us remember to reuse, reduce, and recycle as much as we can! On the same note, here are some free things that you can do in Abu Dhabi. These will not only save money, but also help you focus on experiences, and not just on things!