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How to Authenticate Notarize Documents in Abu Dhabi Philippine Embassy

Just last month, the Embassy of the Philippines in Abu Dhabi issued an advisory regarding the notarization and authentication of documents. Today, we are going to look more into the process of how such documents are acknowledged or authenticated by the said office. ALSO READ: How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa in Abu Dhabi Documents Read more

Book-lovers in Abu Dhabi rejoice as Kinokuniya Bookstore will open its first branch in the emirate soon. To be located at The Galleria Al Maryah Island, this bookshop giant will soon host a variety of books, journals, magazines, stationery, supplies etc. Currently there is a Kinokuniya bookshop in The Dubai Mall in Dubai, so this news Read more

phil embassy uae red ribbons

To our fellow Pinoys in UAE, Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines – Abu Dhabi has posted an advisory on their website about red ribbon on authentication/notarization Philippine documents. Starting June 15, 2019, the Embassy will no longer include Red ribbons on the documents. More information below: Also Read: How to Renew Philippine Passport in Abu Dhabi Read more

How to Apply for a US Tourist Visa in Abu Dhabi

Previously, we’ve shared how you can apply for a Schengen visa that would enable you to travel around different countries in Europe. Today, we’re going to talk about another type of visa… a tourist visa that would allow you to travel across the United States (US). ALSO READ: Getting Around Abu Dhabi via Public Bus Transport Unless you Read more

Filipinos in Abu Dhabi to Celebrate Independence Day on June 21

The Philippine Independence Day is celebrated not only in the Philippines, but all over the world. Here in Abu Dhabi, the Filipino community is once again preparing for perhaps the biggest and most festive gathering of Pinoys in the capital and nearby emirates! ALSO READ: Visit Qasr Al Watan, a Grand Palace in Abu Dhabi On Read more

How to Apply for a Schengen Visa in Abu Dhabi

Aside from its bustling economy and diverse community, the UAE is known for its strategic location. In particular, the nation’s proximity to Europe makes it a great starting point for those who want to explore the Schengen area and other countries in this part of the world. ALSO READ: Getting Around Abu Dhabi via Public Bus Read more

Beautiful Beaches in Abu Dhabi2

Contrary to what many people may be thinking, the Middle East region is not all deserts and sand dunes. It is actually filled with majestic coasts, pristine islands, and beautiful beaches! ALSO READ: Visit Qasr Al Awatan, a Grand Palace in Abu Dhabi Here in Abu Dhabi, there are several public and private beaches where you Read more

Image Credit: Visit Abu Dhabi website

There are plenty of malls in Abu Dhabi where you can shop, dine, watch movies, and do other fun activities. But have you ever tried exploring the more traditional markets or souks? ALSO READ: Do’s & Don’ts in Abu Dhabi The term “souk” basically translates to “marketplace” in Arabic. Here, you can buy spices, textiles, perfumes, and traditional Read more

How to Use Ferry Services in Abu Dhabi

Among the many places to visit in Abu Dhabi is Delma, a beautiful island situated in the Persian Gulf. It lies about 42 kilometres or 26 miles off the coast of mainland Abu Dhabi. ALSO READ: Visit Qasr Al Awatan, a Grand Palace in Abu Dhabi Delma Island is home to about 10,000 inhabitants. It also Read more

Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi

Aside from being the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is the largest emirate in terms of land area. That being said, there are plenty of places to visit and things to do in this amazing city! ALSO READ: List of Shopping Malls in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi also happens to be one of the world’s biggest oil producers, making Read more

Getting Around Abu Dhabi via Public Bus Transport

There are lots of places to visit in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. These include shopping malls and parks where you can relax during weekends or on your free time. And don’t worry about not having car, because you can easily go to these places via public bus! ALSO READ: FREE Bus Rides to Mushrif Mall in Abu Read more

Emergency Numbers and Hotlines in Abu Dhabi

Whether you are a first-time visitor in Abu Dhabi, or if you are planning to live and work here, it’s important to know which numbers and hotlines to call in cases of emergencies. ALSO READ: Do’s and Don’ts in Abu Dhabi Indeed, wherever you may be in the world, you never know when you might encounter Read more